Slow Knitting

Hello Everyone!

First I feel like I have to tell you.  I love knitting.  It makes me happy.  It takes all my stress away.  No matter how crazy my day was, I come home and start knitting and everything is better and right with the world.

With that said, I feel like I really haven’t gotten much knitting done this fall at all.  Its just been crazy.  Many nights I have come home form work or from working out and have really not had much energy for anything else so my knitting as suffered and progressed slowly.  I am sure you have all been there.

Well, in September, when I went to Michigan, I started the Laurel Socks in Toe-Up Socks for Everybody by Wendy D. Johnson and finished them just before Halloween.  I am now knitting the Fractal Danger shawl by Martina Behm. This is a fabulous shawl, crescent shape with a great geometric pattern.  It is also easy enough to get me back in the swing of things and motivate me.  I am about half way though.    What am I knitting it with you ask?  I dug out some yarn from my trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool a few years ago. Neighborhood Fiber Co. Rustic Fingering.  Don’t ask what the colorway is.  It is a long story, I know what the yarn is but not the colorway. I even looked on their website and it wasn’t on there so I think it is discontinued.  But my yarn is orange.  A bright beautiful hand dyed orange.  I think it will bring a fantastic pop of color to any outfit.

Ok, well as with all Sunday’s and weekends all good things must come to an end. I have some chicken stew in the slow cooker for my lunches this week that I need to check on.  The hubs went to get wings and watch sports with his buddy so I am left to forage for my own dinner.  And I’m getting kind of hungry so I am going go do that now.

I will talk to you all soon and I hope in the crazy holiday’s we are walking into you get to set aside some time to knit for yourselves.

I will take to you soon and happy knitting.


Reviews, Links and a Confession

Hello Everyone!

Happy Sunday! I have had such a busy week which unfortunately has left me with precious little knitting time.   I am still chugging along on my Rhinebeck Sweater, the Gnarled Oak Cardigan.  It is coming along nicely and the ease of the stockinette on the body of the cardigan has been just what my brain and body have needed at the end of the day when I finally do get time to knit. I also love Malabrigo.  No matter the weight you get it is a soft yarn smooth yarn. No splitting, no halo, knots come out easy.  It really is a very low maintenance knitting yarn, but the vibrancy of the color variations in the hand dyed yarn  make it seem so much more.  The way when you are knitting you can see bright reds and greens and blues and it comes across in your work as if you had designed your project to have those colors in that exactly that spot.  It makes for very satisfied knitting and beautiful projects every time.

A few months ago, Clara Parks wonderful Knitters Review turned me onto a Kickstarter project I knew I just had to support. It is the Skeinminder. It is for  independent yarn dyers and “is a device that minds your motorized skein winder, freeing you to mind your business…… Your winder will stop automatically.”  While I am not a yarn dyer, I thought this was an amazing product that will help many dyers.  And as a lover of the product that independent dyers produce, why would’t I support it. Also, because I am not a yarn dyer, I’m not sure if I really explained the capabilities of this product well enough, so if you would like more information on this product simply click here for their webpage and more information.

Also, as a thank you for supporting them in their campaign, the lovely folks at Skeinminder sent me a present.  I received a lovely skein of hand dyed sock yarn from the Knitted Wit  (Her Etsy page is amazing!).  Wound with the help of the Skeinminder no doubt.   I also receieved Adorable handmade square beaded stitch markers from Spark.  I am not sure what I am going to make with Knitted Wit yarn yet but I amThank you Skeinminder! seeing it wanting to be come a shawl of some kind.  It is a really neat colorway, the yarn has a black base with streaks of bright red, blue, purple and green throughout and is a Super Wash Merino and Nylon blend.  I am very excited to get it on the needles.


Yesterday, we had some friends and neighbors over for a barbecue and housewarming party so I really didn’t feel like cooking today.  So dinner tonight is frozen chicken fingers and frozen sweet potato fries which just now came out of the oven.  And honestly, I must confess, as Sunday nights go. The sooner I finish dinner, the sooner I can clean and the sooner I can spend the rest of the evening knitting.  So I must say goodbye so I can go knit and have more content for next week.

I will talk to you all soon.  Happy knitting!