Gin and Tonic and Yarn

Hello again everyone!

Well, I told you last time about Rhinebeck and how wonderful that was so here I am today to tell you about the Indie Untangled Trunk Show the night before Rhinebeck. Its like the pre-party to Rhinebeck in my opinion.

First of all, when I got to the Best Western Kingston there was a LINE OUT IN THE PARKING LOT!!!  I couldn’t believe it. But once I got in line, I realized it moved fast and they were all knitters of course so I made friends while we made our way inside.   Once inside I could see what the line was all about it.  Wonderful indie vendors that are all apart of the Indie Untangled network.  Check out their website  Indie Untangled .

At the show, I was using every ounce of self-control not to buy everything there and save my money for Rhinebeck.  But I did buy a few things. The first thing that caught my eye was a beautiful skein of fingering weight yarn from ColorPurl in the “Mussels in White Wine” colorway, this is a luscious deep dusty purple. I later learned that the dyer does this in her spare time, after her full-time job.  So much yarn and so many beautiful colors.  It was hard to pick the one I did, but really, it picked me.

Indie Untangled show #rhinebeck2015

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I also bought 2 skeins of DK Oakworth in the color way “Damselfly” from Eden Cottage Yarns.  Another skein of sock yarn from Sophie’s Toes Sock Yarn in the “Rhinebeck Twilight” color way, Alpenglow Rangeland sock yarn in the color way “Juicy”.  A bright perfect Orange.  And to top it all off, while I was waiting for the raffle drawing (I didn’t win) I picked up a skein of fingering Three Fates Yarns in the color way “Lilypad”.  I couldn’t resist.  It was an amazing show. I also heard that the hotel bar had even made a special drink, so I moseyed over to have a taste.  It was a bourbon drink and I am not a fan of bourbon so I just had a Gin and Tonic and sat in the hotel lounge, knitting and making new knitting friends.  The lounge was also a restaurant.  It was filled with knitters, along with the hotel lobby.  I think other hotel guests who were just enjoying their dinner could not believe their eyes with all the knitters sitting around doing our thing. Knitting.

Indie Trunkshow loot. Soo hard not to spend all my #rhinebeck2015 money here

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If/When I ever go to back to Rhinebeck, the Indie Untangled show will defiantly be on my list, and it should be on yours also.  It’s the Friday before Rhinebeck usually at the Best Western Kingston.  About across the river from the town of Rhinebeck.  Check the link above for more details and their fabulous website and blog.

See you all next time and Happy Knitting?  Oh is anyone doing any gift knitting this holiday season?