Relaxed, Rested and Ready for the Holidays

Hello Everyone!

The hubs and I just returned from a vacation up in Michigan to visit family and friends.  We had a great time and both really needed this time off.  We are now relaxed and rested and ready for the holiday season!

While on vacation, I was able to get some quality gift knitting in. I have four people I am gift knitting for this year and just finished one gift today.  I am proud to say it is now blocking.  Three more gifts to go. Ekk?!?!  Really what is stressing me out is that all four of these gifts need to be shipped So its to like I can I still be working on these on Christmas Eve.

So what am I knitting for gifts you might ask?  I will tell you after Christmas.  Some of the recipients know what they are getting but they don’t know all the details, color, pattern, etc. so no.  I am not telling you until after Christmas.

Well.  I better get knitting on gift number two. I will talk to you all soon and everyone have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


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