First Day of Spring

Hello Everyone,

Today is the first day of Spring, although it really does not feel like it, there is a brisk cool breeze.  After almost 3 weeks of 70 and 80 degree weather the high for the last 3 days has been in the 50’s.  Good thing I am knitting a sweater, I might actually even get to wear it this year.  Although I kind of hope not.  As much as I love that sweater, I am really starting to look forward to warm weather, light flawy clothes and gardening.

Speaking of sweater, I am still working on the Summer Dawn cardigan.  That little blurp that I had that I mentioned last time, turned into a full scale surgery.  I took a second then third look at the lace pattern and saw that the pattern itself was completely off horribly wonky.  I ended up taking the sweater out past the blurp and now its fabulous.  I am working my way to the hem of the cardigan and I must say, I do love the way it is turning out.  From the fiery orange look of the yarn while it was still a skein, I was actually afraid the color would be much to bright, but really, it is not.  The color of the fabric is this beautiful sunset orange, yellow, pink and red.  It really does remind me more of a sunset than a dawn.

While I sill may be knitting the Summer Dawn cardigan, I just finished reading Clara Parkes new book Knitlandia.  I LOVED this book.  I have been a fan of Clara Parkes since I began reading it in 2009 and I own all of her other books.  Her attention to deal and illustrative descriptions of yarn and wool are nothing short of compelling.  Knitlandia is her tales of traveling the world with the rest of the knitting community to Knitting conventions and retreats as well as wool festivals.  Some of these festivals I already have been to myself, the others I felt like I was there just from her descriptions.   So if you haven’t read this book yet, you must! Immediately!

Ok, It almost time for dinner so I am leaving you now. I will talk to you all soon.

Happy first day of Spring.



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