My Own Private LYS & A Finished Cardigan

Hello Everyone!

I am finally finished with the Summer Dawn Cardigan, it is now blocking on the floor in my office and waiting for buttons.  I promise to have pictures up as soon as the buttons are on.  I am so happy with how it turned  out.  That lace pattern while seemingly simple is still just a little bit complicated.  More in the way that you really have to make sure you are not going to drop any stitches, as it is a very visible lace pattern.  Any mistakes are flubs cannot be covered up or made to look intentional, so there was some pressure there.

When I began knitting this cardigan, I had the intention of making it long sleeves and I had enough yarn but when it came time to put sleeves on I had this much yarn left.   So I made them elbow length,  I even made them shorter than the pattern intended.  That was my design, the pattern called for 35 rows of rib stitch at the end of the sleeves, I only knit 10 rows.  The sleeves go to just my elbows, if I had knit all 35 rows, it would be mid elbow when I bent my arm and I really don’t like how that feels.  I’m weird, but I like my elbows all covered up or bare.  Well, I still have yarn left, but I didn’t want to push it and play yarn chicken so I didn’t and I’m happy with the sweater and the length of the sleeves.

When I started the Summer Dawn Cardigan, I decided to de-stash and clean out my yarn drawers to make room for the bags of yarn sitting in the corner of my closet.  Yarn I had purchased MDSW and Rhinebeck and other places between and since.  I just have no room for it.  So I decided, I got the yarn for the Summer Dawn from the bottom drawer of one of my yarn drawers.  I have a filing cabinet and one of those plastic 3 drawer things and a basket for my yarn.  Since I got this yarn on the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet, I would get the yarn for my next project from the top drawer and so on.  So, yesterday, I went stash diving in the top drawer of the filing cabinet and came out with 3 skeins of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in this pretty orange.  The 3 skeins equaled 327 yards, I decided to make the Ripple Hat by Melissa Wehrle as featured in Weekend Hats by Cecily Glowik MacDonald and Melissa LaBarre.  This hat went so quick, I am actually almost done. I may even finish tonight!  So I just went stash diving in the bottom drawer of the plastic drawers. I’m not sure what I am going to make but this de-stashing is fun.  I am finding yarn I do not remember buying and forgot I had.  Its like my own private LYS in my house.

Well, that is about it for me.  I am enjoying this beautiful spring day, I went for a run this morning and it is supposed to be nice all week.  But it is April in Oklahoma so as much as I want to start my spring planting, I think we still have a few freezes and tornados before its safe to do so.

I will talk to you all soon and happy knitting!


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