BBQ’s and Knitting

Hello Everyone!  Well, I am taking some downtime uploading some Jimmy Buffett on my iPod (yes, I still use an iPod for music, not my phone) for a BBQ we are having today.  While I had my computer open, I thought I would blog.  It is the middle of August and nearing the end of what has turned out to be a very busy and social summer.  There was one week, not to long ago that I had something going on after work every night of the week including Saturday.  The average time I got home was 9 pm.  I didn’t even knit those nights, by the time I got home, I only had enough energy and brain capacity to lift the wine glass to my mouth while I watched House Hunters.  (I love that show)

Fortunately I was able to finish my Sunnyside Market Tote before then. I haven’t used it yet but I will let you know when I do.  It so pretty and colorful but I can’t tell you the last time I went to a Farmers Market.  I don’t know when or for what, but I am sure I will find a use for it.

Sunny side Market Tote
Sunny side Market Tote


Unfortunately during this busy summer, I have had kind of slow progress on my Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig,  I started this in July and I want to wear it on my vacation to Michigan this September, I will be in Northern Michigan by the lake so I think I will need a sweater.  I am leaving in 3 weeks and I am almost done with the 1st sleeve.  So one more sleeve after this on and the collar.  I have been wanted to knit this sweater since I heard about it when the book it is in Coastal Knits, by Hannah Fettig & Alana Dakos came out. I tried once before but apparently didn’t buy the correct yarn.  So this time made sure to do so. I am using Blue Moon Fiber Arts Targee Worsted in the colorway Strawberry Fields Forever that I purchased last year at Rhinebeck.  I got this yarn specifically for this sweater.  Other than the fact that I have knit with Blue Moon before and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their yarn, I love it came in one of these long loose loops, not a skein so I got to ball all 600 yards of each “loop” into one gigantic ball.  I loved the giant ball. Right now I am on giant ball #2 that still doesn’t even fit into my yarn bowl.

That's a big ball of yarn.

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I think if I buckle down I can get that sweater done before I leave.  Wish me luck.

Ok, must go shower and get the food out for the bbq.  Bob is grilling burgers, I made my Crab and Spinach dip, Buffalo Chicken Roll-ups and Candy Crack.  Our guest are also bringing food so I can kiss my diet goodbye today.

I will talk to you all soon!  Happy Knitting!


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  1. can you take your tote with you when you go on your Michigan trip? I like the color of that yarn, by the way. Is that for the sweater?

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