Hello Again

Hello Everyone!

I know, I know, time just gets away from you and when you resolve to blog on the weekends because your weeknights are crazy then you weekends also get away from you.  Its crazy that way.

In knitting updates, since we last spoke, I have of course been knitting.  A day without knitting just doesn’t seem right.  I even managed up until the week before Christmas to not do any gift knitting. Then I realized I was going to knit a hat for a friend.  She got in January, but she still appreciated it. Since then. Selfish knitting January has not been selfish.  I just completed the “Bambino Blanket” by Mary Lou Egan from Drop-Dead Easy Knits by Gale Zucker, Mary Lou Egan & Kirsten Kapur (whew) for a friend new baby and of course I had to put that project on pause for a bit knit a few Pussy Hats. I sent one to Washington for the March and as I wasn’t able to make to my local March in Oklahoma City, I let my friend borrow another one.  I know my friend and the awesome marcher in Washington wore them with pride and I feel happy and proud that I was able to participate in this in someway.

Now that the baby blanket is done I have some other projects in the pipeline that I am excited to start.  I have also been cooking a lot lately.  My husband was out of town on a boys weekend so I took that opportunity to try some new recipes.  I have just as many cookbooks as I do knitting books and my Pinterest account looks like my Ravelry favorites and queues except with food.  I am going to start working my way through these recipes.  Yep, my two favorite things, cooking and knitting.  So it has been a good weekend!  I also got a Blue Apron box yesterday, which I plan on cooking up this week.  Each box comes with food and recipes for 3 meals that each feed 2 people. Stay tuned to my Instagram to find out how they were.

I feel like I am rambling and if I named all the projects I have knit and recipes I have cooked just this weekend I will ramble more. So I promise, ok, I will try to check in more regularly with my knitting progress and cooking. I don’t think this will turn into a food blog.  It will stay a knitting blog but hey, I need eat so I can keep up the energy to knit.

Happy Superbowl Sunday, btw, I am making Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Taquitos from the Well Plated by Erin blog and Homemade Blue Cheese dressing from the I’d Rather Be a Chef blog to bring to a party.

I will talk to you all soon!


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