Weekend Plans and Planting

Hello Everyone!

First of all I am super excited for next Friday.  I will be at the DFW Fiber Fest in Texas.  I will be taking classes by Clara Parks and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and wandering my way around the awesome market place.  Again, so excited and the countdown in on!

In knitting news, to be honest I haven’t really be doing much. I am still working on my Endearment Cardigan.  I am almost done with the body. With work and my boot camp workout by the time I get home I am so tired I’m lucky if I can knit for an hour before my energy just peters out and I go to bed.  Some nights I haven’t even worked on the sweater.  I have made a few hex-puffs and also worked on the Mindless TV blanket.  Because you know how it is. Sometimes you just really don’t want to think, even about lace repeats.

In other news.  With Spring being here, the past few weekends, we have been gardening and planting and yesterday, the hubs redid the island flowerbed in the front yard to a raised garden.  It looks amazing.  And if today wasn’t so cold and rainy I would have planted in it.  So maybe in a few weeks I will plant.  Today it would have just been digging in the mud.  I cannot wait until I can just wander the garden center at Home Depot and pick the plants I want in there. I still have no idea what I want.

Ok. Just a short post today. I will talk to you all later and let me know if I will see any of you at DFW next weekend.

Happy Knitting


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