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Well, I have finally caught my breath from DFW and a busy Easter and week after.  So let me tell you all about the Dallas Fort Worth FiberFest!  In installments.  There is so much to tell so I will go over it in 3 parts.  Today I will give you a summary. Part 2, the classes.  Part 3, the yarn

It was amazing!  A fantastic 4 days! I arrived on Friday just before noon and checked into my hotel from there I was a short shuttle ride away to the convention center.  Friday before my class was really my only day do shop in the Vendor Hall.  It was so quiet and less crowded than it was on Saturday and Sunday, so it was nice to just wander and look at the yarn and have to worry.  I bought a lot of yarn.  Of which I will tell you about in part 3.  All I can say is I bought some more on Saturday and on Sunday I went back to the Vendor Hall since it was the last day of the festival and said I was just going to look, (said no one ever) and of course bought more yarn. The good thing was I drove and packed light so I was able to pack my yarn in my suitcase and in the awesome bag I got when I signed up for classes.

The yarn and the classes were amazing but what I loved most about DFW was the people.  I think this was the most social Fiber Festival I have ever been too.  Probably because most of us were staying at the same hotel. And let me also tell you. Knitters are the nicest people!  I would go down to the lobby bar in the evenings and everyone would be there just eating, drinking, knitting and talking. I would smile at someone and they would invite me to sit down.  I met some great people that way.  It also happened at breakfast, Saturday morning, the hostess was seating me in the restaurant and some ladies I was chatting with in the elevator invited me to sit with them instead.  There were stitch marker swaps all over DFW and of course, I always forgot my stitch markers everywhere.  I also really don’t have that many but some ladies were swapping stitch markers on the shuttle and offered me some. I forgot my stitch markers in my room but they insisted I pick out a few anyway. Those stitch markers will always hold a special place in my heart.  Again, knitters are the nicest people.

Not only was this a fiber festival for me but it was a long awaited and much needed vacation. I was able to really just relax and do my own thing.  I think I officially reached vacation mode on Friday morning somewhere outside of OKC heading south on the I-35 and didn’t get back to the real world until I went back to work on Tuesday morning.  It was fantastic.  I slept in all days besides Saturday since I had a class. I had some quiet me time and even took myself to dinner on Saturday.  Vacations are good. Everyone needs vacations and to be able to re-charge, preferably doing something they love.  The hotel helped also. The Marriott Los Colinas is in kind of a business-y corporate area but it was quiet and on a man made lake so there were nice surroundings.  Also, its a Marriott, very nice accommodations and the staff was so friendly and helpful and the food was good too.

During my trip, I bought a vanilla sock to work on in class and while chatting. I am at the heel now and will probably finish it when I finish my Endearment Cardigan.  Its coming along but going slow.  It will get done eventually.

Well, that is all I have for now.  Stay tuned for next week on the classes of DFW FiberFest.

Happy Knitting.


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