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Hello Everyone!

So yesterday it occurred to me that I have not posted i like 3 weeks!  Sorry about that. I have been a bit pre-occupied the past few weekends.  I started the Whole30 Diet/Challenge at the beginning of the month and really I have been spending my Sunday’s meal prepping.  All that cooking in one day is a little exhausting. I barely have time to knit let alone write about it. Real quick, the Whole30 is like a food reset.  For 30 days you cannot eat grains, dairy, alcohol, legumes, sugar or soy.  I’m halfway through and trucking along.  I feel good.

Ok, back to knitting.  DFW Installment 2 – Classes.  I LEARNED SO MUCH!!!  Seriously, I have been knitting for about 16 years and thought I knew a lot.  Nope! The first class I took on Friday Afternoon was Knitting Smart taught by the one and only Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  I have read her books and she is just as funny and real and awesome in real life as she is in print.  The whole class was about how to walk into the yarn store and pick the right kind of yarn for our project.  She went over so much, I can’t even begin but like I say.  I thought I knew how to knit and it turns out I don’t.  Oh well, it only helps to become a better knitter.  She debunked several knitting and yarn myths.  I slowly became a convert to swatching, (I hate swatching).  Really without going on and on. It a knitting 101 course.  Every knitter should be required to take it.

Saturday, I took 2 other classes, both by the illustrious Clara Parkes.  Clara was my first insight into fiber, after I had been knitting for a few years and really started to get obsessed with it. I found her book The Knitter’s Book of Yarn at the store and was immediately a fan. Now I think I own all her books. Also, she is SOOO incredibly nice!

My morning class was Joy of Swatching. Of course I took this class because I realize its importance.  If you want you sweater that you have spent tons of time and money on to fit, you need to swatch.  Not only was this an good 101 and appreciation to swatching, it was like a Zen of Swatching.  Clara gave us each small ball of yarn from her Great White Bale project and just let us play.  She herself, while she does knit projects, simply enjoys just swatching, in the morning to wake up or to receive stress, just swatching to play with yarn and feel it move between your fingers.  It was a very zen class.

My afternoon class by Clara Parkes was Yarn 101. Now if you are going to take a class on yarn and fiber you need to take it from Clara Parkes.  She literally wrote the book. The Knitters Book of Yarn, and The Knitters Book of Wool.  She has a technical writing background and that combined with her passion for yarn and knitting is the perfect combination.  A few takeaways from this class. “It’s not you, its the yarn.”  “Fiber trumps EVERYTHING” and “The inner workings of the fiber will always dictate.”  This class really elaborated on the above in how which fiber is more durable, what fiber to use for what project.  How ply comes into play with the look of your garment and what you want to knit.  The scales of the fiber and how they interact with each other.  I already knew or had an idea of a lot of this information but this class really shed a light and clarified a lot of it.

I really wasn’t even thinking about going to DFW until I saw the class line up.  So long story short, if you have a chance to classes by either of these fabulous teachers or really any knitting teacher, DO IT!  It will be the best money you every spent and you will walk away having learned so much more than you thought you ever could.  When going to fiber festivals I never really took a look at or really cared about any classes but now I think I will take a closer look.  Its well worth it.

Ok, I will talk to you all hopefully sooner rather later. In the meantime, find a class and learn something new.

Happy Knitting.


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