Its Raining…

Its pouring! in Oklahoma today, suddenly, it was so beautiful and sunny and HOT this morning.  I should have expected it though. It was nastily hot and humid yesterday. It sucked just to take out the trash.

So, that makes today perfect day to knit, which I am doing a little of, that and cooking soup, of which I will tell you about in a bit.  As for knitting, I am still working on the CeCe Cardigan and yesterday made the perfect 3-stitch buttonhole, I only had to watch a video on YouTube from 3 times on how to do it..  So I got past that part, and have set aside the body of the cardigan to work on the sleeves.  I hope to cast on those tonight.  I need to make dinner do my nails.  But you know me.  I will make time to knit.  I am very excited on my progress on this sweater and it is really looking nice.

Oh wow, it quit raining, that was quick. Maybe the cats will come out from under the bed.  We had some big thunder booms and they are hiding out.  Poor babies.

I am throwing around the idea of giving up my monogamist ways.  I just have such a large stash and there is so much I want to make.  I’m just worried I guess, it takes me long enough to get a project done when I am just working on that.  How long will it take to get a project done if I have like 3 or 4 I’m working on?  Plus I know it will just overwhelm me with what to work on when and first.  I would just become a monogamous knitter again anyway.  Besides, when I need to, I cast on a second project anyway, like a sock or something if I am currently working on a complicated lace project but I am traveling and need something portable and a pattern I can memorize. So I think I’m ok.  Maybe I just don’t need to buy any yarn for a while.

My Hexi-puffs are coming along. I have 10 now.

In other news, I have decided that in a continuing effort to eat better, I have noticed that those Lean Cuisines are have a ton of sodium in them. Its crazy! And they still taste like cardboard.  So I have this soup cookbook called The Daily Soup Cookbook by Leslie Kaul, Bob Spiegel, Carla Ruben, Peter Siegel and Robin Vitetta-Miller.  (whew) I actually heard about this book from Abby and Ben on their Pod-cast (a favorite of mine) Knit Knit Cafe.  I am going to make soup for the week and bring a salad or sandwich.  Today I made Creamless Asparagus soup with homemade vegetable broth. There is a recipe for vegetable broth in the book but I was feeling lazy yesterday and thought, oh, I’ll just buy vegetable broth. However, the Wal-Mart in my town only has Beef or Chicken broth, no vegetable, so yesterday I did make homemade vegetable broth and it is delicious and was super easy to make. It also made enough for me to use in like 1 or 2 other soup recipes.  By the way, I tried the Creamless Asparagus soup, and YUM!  Its creamless but creamy because you add grated potatoes and puree half of the soup toward the end.

Lets see, what else have I been up to this week?  Hmm, honestly, not much.  As far as training for the 5K, I have taken a week off, as great as those shoes are, like I said last week, I did injure my ankle so running on it was just painful and out of the question.  So I decided it was just best not to do that.  I did work out a bit though, but not too much, mostly because I was lazy.

Ok, well, my soup is about cool, so I better to put it away.  I think I may get some knitting in between now and dinner.  I will talk to you all soon.


I can never think of a title

I can’t, I always have the hardest time.  Oh well.  Hello Everybody!

What a week it has been.  First of all, I have finished my Ebbtide shawl!  YAY!!!!  It is blocking now and so beautiful.  I love the colors and the pattern, even my cat likes it, he was guarding it while I was pinning it down to block.  

I am now working on my CeCe Cardigan by Bonne Marie Burns, I am knitting it out of Cascade Yards Eco Alpaca 100% Undyed Baby Alpaca. It is so soft and really easy to work with.  I am about half way through the shaping using my Knit Counter App to help me count.  It makes it really easy since the pattern has several areas I need to keep count of.  Because of this, it is not social knitting project, it is one of those projects you do in front of the TV on a show you are only semi-interested in.  I am also making Hexi-puffs for the BeeKeepers Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits.  I have like 10 Hexi-Puffs, no pictures yet, but I will put them up when I remember to take them.

Last week I mentioned I saw a pattern for really cute summer top and was on the prowl for affordable yarn.  Well, Husband and I were in the City today.  (Oklahoma City) and stopped at L & B Yarn Co. in Norman, Oklahoma and I found it.  I got 4 skeins of Nashua Handknits, from Westminster Fibers.  The yarn is 50% Linen and 50% Cotton and the colorway is a beautiful natural/undyed, which I figure is perfect since it will go with everything.  L & B is such a cute little store too, its laid back and everyone I have ever seen there is so nice.  They also have a ton of yarn and chairs so if you want, it invites just coming in, sitting and knitting.  Too bad Husband and I had a ton of other things to do today. Husband was impressed though.  He enjoyed the chairs and commented when we were leaving how nice everyone is and I said, Yep, we knitters are a nice people.  Why wouldn’t we be?  Knitting is such a relaxing activity, you can’t help but being nice.

As you all know, yesterday, June 9, 2012 was WWKIP Day.  I joined my knitting group, Ardmore Knitorious at Lake Murray, OK, for knitting, sun, hot dogs and swimming for the kids.  Us grown-ups had a great time chatting and knitting away. I brought my hexi-puffs as I can easily make several in several hours and can talk and be distracted while I knit them.  I forgot to ask permission to post a picture of the group on my blog so here is a picture of what we must have looked like to the muggles as we sat and knit on the beach at the lake. We did get a few weird looks.  

In other news, I am still training for the 5K.  I am got stuck however on Week 4 of the Couch to 5K program because of leg cramps. I was getting a cramp in my calf so bad I thought it was going to split open.  I had to stop halfway through my run twice in a row and once a few weeks ago. And yes, I’m stretching and staying hydrated.  Husband recommended I take some potassium supplements to help my muscles and we also went to a really great running store in the City called Red Coyote Running.  They do a stride analysis on you. They video tape you running on a treadmill and analyse how you run to determine the shoes you need.  And when you try on the shoes they have you go outside and run around to see how they fit. I ended up getting a pair of Nike’s and some really good running socks.  Hopefully this will help.  apparently, the “butt shoes,” the shoes that make you butt look good, are NOT good for running in, and that is what I have been wearing.

I haven’t really been doing much else, if you have been following me on Twitter, (@knittingbf) I was talking about fair food all week.  The annual Sandbass Festival in the town where I work as here all week.  Right in the town square, right outside the front door of my office, so screw the diet, I was good until Wednesday, when I had a fried Twinkie, Thursday I had a Taco Salad and Friday I had a pulled pork sandwich that was AMAZING and some fried pickles that were sooooo good.  Now, back to eating healthy.

Ok, it’s getting late and I need to put in another load of laundry and get something to eat. I was thinking a salad from produce from the Native Roots store in Norman, OK and herbs from my garden.  Any who.  Good night all and I will talk to you all soon.


It Happens

Hello there!

Well, what a week it has been, I have a ton to talk about.  First, the Ebbtide Shawl, I am ALMOST done!  I only have 5 more rows of the Sand Dollar Edging left and I think just a few more rows after that.  So it is very possible I can get that done tonight.  Of course, I better not jinx myself.  If you follow me on twitter you would have seen that on like Tuesday I tweeted that my goal was to finish the shawl by Thursday. Well, that night, I was knitting along and then realized that I was doing half of the Sand Dollar Edging BACKWARDS!!!!!  I felt kind of dumb.  So, after sitting in shock and feeling like a wanted to cry for a few minutes and letting a few four letter words leave my mouth, I took out all the way to the beginning of the last Feather and Fan repeat.  UG  Oh well.  Mistakes happen.

Yes, Mistakes happen!  That is part of knitting, that is part of life.  You mess up on your knitting sometimes and you just take it back to before you made the mistake and start over.  It happens, and now matter how long I have been knitting for and even in far future, mistakes in my knitting will happen.    Of course, I think I even heard this once on Itsjustmegan’s old Podcast “Stitch It” she was asking if anyone just “fudges it”  I think she said?  Well, yeah, I fudge it.  If it’s a big mistake like reading a pattern backwards, then I will take it out, but sometimes, depending on the project and my energy level at the time, if I purled when I should have knit, or ktog when I should have ssk’d I will just let it go, I have even been known to add and/or distract stitches if necessary.  Doesn’t everyone?  Anyone, do you fudge your work sometimes?  It usually does come out looking pretty good and really who is going to say anything?

I have this long que of other projects for when I finish my Ebbtide, like redo and finish my CeCe Cardigan by Bonne Marie Burns and the Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, I have been wanting to do this cardigan since I heard about it and saw several people wearing theirs at CampKIP and am seriously SO excited to cast it on now. Even if I do so in the middle of July.

Yesterday, however, I saw this great cover-up top/poncho sort of thing in a newsletter from this LYS I have been to.  I love it!  They have it out of linen which is perfect for summer and the pattern but they recommend this yarn that is $38 a skein and you need 3 skeins!  YIKES!!!  I love yarn, but that is tooo rich for my blood even if the yarn is gorgeous.  I’m honestly not going to mention the name of the yarn or the LYS because even though I love the place and will shop there again and again whenever I am in that town. I probably won’t by the yarn from them if I make the pattern.  I looked that the other linen and linen blends they have, but I don’t think they are going to work so I may go to other stores online and see what I can find. I did try stash diving and do have some cotton which might work, but after too much thought, I decided it might be too thick.

In non-knitting news, I’m still training for the 5k.  Only 3 weeks left.  I am going to start week 4 for the Couch to 5K next week.  Kind of nervous since I have to run for 5 minutes solid, but I was scared about 3 minutes last week and I did that so I can probably do 5 this week.  I just have to believe in myself.  I also broke down and bought some Herbalife shakes from my friend that sells it so hopefully that will help with some bootie and other issues I am having about my looks.  I used to be super skinny and as I have gotten older my metabolism has slowed down.  I’m not trying to be a size 2 again but to fit better in the clothes that I have would be great and to get myself to a size I am comfortable with would be good too.  And its proving a little hard honestly.  I love cheeseburgers and mayo and fried food.

I also have some tiny little girl drama I must share with you.  I’m sure you will all laugh but here it goes. I have these 2 maxi dress because I love them.  They are so comfy and I could live in them. These particular dresses however are 100% Rayon.  I thought they were cotton so I really thought nothing of putting them in the washer and dryer.  I always wash on cold gentle cycle and dry on no heat, however as we all know with Rayon, it shrinks. So  they each shrunk in length too much for me. I could still wear it, but I bought them for length so I was seriously about to just throw them away and buy more.  I was so pissed at myself.  I did find out that you can rescue them, so today I soaked the separately in cold water and they are now hanging to dry and I have tugged on them a little to try to get them back to their length.  So we shall see how it goes.

Ok, that’s all for this week, oh wait, I am really bad at some punctuation when it comes to titles, should I underline, put in quotation marks or italicize names of podcasts, other blogs, patterns etc? I forget.  Third grade was a long time ago.  So if you know, could you please tell me?  Thank you.

Have a great week and happy knitting!

Remember, next Saturday ( June 9th) is World Wide Knitting in Public Day.  If you are in the Ardmore, OK area and want to knit with the Ardmore Knitorious send me a message (comment on this) and I will tell you where we will be meeting, we would love to have you join us.  Or you can find me on Ravelry as Lexikate81 or on Twitter @knittingbf.

Talk to you all soon.


Hello Everyone!

It is Monday afternoon and I am sitting at home.  Happy Memorial Day everybody.  Alas, this has been a busy holiday weekend.  Saturday I got my hair done and did a little errand running (shopping) and then my husband and I were off to the mountains!  Yes, Wichita Mountains about 2 hours away in Lawton, Oklahoma. We got there Saturday afternoon, drove around the mountain which is actually a wildlife preserve.  It was so pretty and there were free range buffalo, longhorn, elk and prairie dogs, not to mention birds, bugs and beautiful wildflowers.  Sunday morning we hiked 8 miles and 2 and a half hours and it was beautiful. We went in the morning so it wasn’t to hot and it was a great easy hike and beautiful scenery.  Including wild buffalo just roaming and eating.

As for knitting, on the way up I made Hexi-puffs.  I have 4 so far, they are so easy and fast to make, I finished and made another one on the 2 hour car ride and made one while watching tv in the hotel that night.  I didn’t make any on the way home, I slept.  I also finally finished my Butterfly socks on Tuesday night and am now finishing my Ebbtide shawl.  I am  just about to start the sand dollar edging.  It is coming along beautifully.  I love knitting.  Have I mentioned that?

While I was finishing my Butterfly Socks I was thinking, I have been wanting to finish these socks for so long, and I did.  That was my goal, to finish those socks that week and I did.  I always notice that whenever I set goals for myself, no matter how big or small, knitting related or not, it always feels good to accomplish them, even to see my progress on them.  Currently another goal I have is running a 5K.  I am “running” the Color Run this June in Tulsa and I am currently training for it with the Couch to 5K program and app on my phone.  I am going to start week 3 this week and I am not a runner and very proud of my progress so far.  Being not a runner, I am glad the Color Run is a fun run so I don’t have to run the whole thing, but I am doing this with some friends who are runners so my goal is to run at least half of it and of course to complete the Couch to 5K program.

It is the end of the weekend and once again I am in desperate need of a mani and pedi, and yes I do them myself.  If I really feel like treating myself I will go someplace but for the most part, I do them myself.  I’m thinking either blue or purple?  What do you think?  I will let you all know what I choose.  So not sure how much knitting I will get done tonight.  We are also grilling teriyki chicken and Hawaiian rice for dinner (rice with spam, pineapple and cilantro) Did I mention the cilantro is from my garden, I harvested some today along with basil, dill and thyme.

Ok, I better go now and clean the cat box and people bathrooms. so I can feel really good about sneaking in some knitting time later.

Talk to you all soon.

P.S. I wanted to upload some photos from my hike I need to figure out how to put them from my snapfish to here.  So check out my twitter (knitterbf) to see them.  Bye!

Lessons Relearned

Hello again,

How is everybody?  I am doing just fine thank you.  I am taking a little break from cleaning on the beautiful Sunday afternoon. I have already cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, taken out the trash and cleaned the litter box.  All I have left to do is clean off the kitchen table.  Does anybody use their kitchen table to eat anymore?  Or are you all like me and use it just to dump mail and stuff and only clean it off when you are having dinner?  At the table?  Most of the time my husband and I eat at the coffee table in front of the TV.

As for knitting this week, I am still monogamous on my sock, getting it done, but alas, an important knitting lesson has been re-learned this week. Don’t drink and knit!  That is what I did on Wednesday.  My husband was out-of-town on business so I had a few glasses of wine and then decided to knit.  Thursday at knit group I had to end up taking the sock all out to the heel.  So unless you are doing stockinette or garter, DON’T drink and knit!  It will not turn out well and you will have to frog it back the next day anyway.

Last week I got a comment to post pictures of my Acer Cardigan, so here they are.  It’s dry by the way it took almost a week but I got the signal the other night it was dry.  What is my signal you may ask?  Well, my cat lies on it.  Yes, I lay my sweaters and knitted items out to dry on the floor in my office and when they are dry, my cat lies on it.  Of course, as soon I see this, I kick the cat off and put the sweater away.  Hopefully free of cat hair.  But who am I kidding, I have 2 cats, everything I own has cat hair.

Oh, did I ever tell you, I’m addicted to Ravelry?  I play on it at on my phone while I’m at work and somehow the items in my que and favorites list just keep going up and up and up.  Oooh, I just want to knit everything.  Do you ever feel that way.  Just cast on everything you see?  One thing at a time, even if you are not a monogamous knitter, you realistically can only work on one thing at a time.  I finally found the Clapotis, by Kate Gilbert, that Brenda Dayne from the Podcast “Cast On” has been talking about and I love it.  It’s a very chic wide scarf perfect for any occasion.  And the pattern was free. I love free patterns, but of course, I have been known to hit that PayPal button if I love the pattern.

I also keep meaning to finally learn how to make hexipuffs for the Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits, I have a ton of sock yarn that is just begging to become a hexipuff.  Let’s make it a goal to at least cast one on this week.  In fact, as soon as I post this I am going to print that pattern. Yes, I have it on my phone, but I do like it on paper, bigger print and I can write on it.

In other areas, I have been cooking, gardening and shopping.  We have three wedding coming up and yesterday I got gifts for all of them.  I did not want to take the gift card route, instead I went local. I went to my favorite store here in Ardmore, The 9, and got gifts for everyone.  This store is awesome, it has everything from all different vendors, they rent space in the store and you can get anything from clothing to house stuff.  I love it.

Cooking, I made risotto last night.  It was a lot easier than I thought and delicious!  I used Anne Burell’s recipe and put some frozen peas in it.  It was so good, I had it for dinner last night and breakfast and lunch this today. My garden is growing well, I keep taking care of it.  I could have weeded a bit more this morning but I didn’t.  oh well.


No Rest!

Wow, what a week!  I came home from Omaha Sunday evening and was exhausted.  I got home about 7ish, ate dinner watched my shows, (Desperate Housewives and GCB) and went to bed.  This 4 days of non-stop travel and wedding dress shopping for my cousin made for an exhausting week.  Really, I was tired and struggling every day.  I was even a struggle to get to knit.  Although I knit everyday it was difficult some days I was so tired.  So really, this entry is going to be short as I really didn’t get a lot of time to knit.

That saying “no rest for the weary” rang true for me this week, as tired I was, the Universe didn’t care.  I go some time in but really, more than an hour a night of knitting would have been wonderful.  I am however about to turn the heel of my sock so that does make me happy and I did realize one thing, no matter how busy, tired or stressed out I am, once I get to sit down and knit, all is right with the world.  I am once again calm, I am re-energized and I am happy.  So take a deep breath and pick up those pointy sticks and that string and go.

In other news, I am training for a 5K. Its the Color Run and is in Tulsa in June.  It’s just a fun run so I can walk if I want to but all the gals in my team are runners and I want to see what I can do, I today I went to the gym and started training with the Couch Potato to 5K program.  That kicks my but, but I am going to keep it up.  I do feel good that I have done it.  Also, yesterday, my husband ran in a mud run with his friends wife and her friend.  I think I may need to do that next year.  If they can do it, (who am I kidding the one gal runs every day) I can do it.  But all sorts of types of people were there, not just the uber-athletes.

Ok, well, I better check on the sweater that I have soaking in Soak.  No, I didn’t sneak a finished project in. Its my Acer Cardigan by Amy Christoffers, I finished a while ago and LOVE it, its my new favorite cardigan.  I wore all over CampKIP and decided it needed a wash.

Anyway, I will talk to you all later.  Happy knitting!


So here it is Sunday and I am on my way home.  Sitting in Wonderful, Glorious Colorado!  My home state.  I am at DIA (Denver International Airport) waiting for my flight to OKC where I will hit Target and then head home.  It will be nice to be home.

First, an homage to Colorado, although I was born and grew up 4 hours west of Denver on the other side of the Rockies in Grand Junction. It was so nice to see Colorado soil from the plane and see the Rockies in the distance.  The minute I stepped off the plane, of course I took a deep breath of that fresh, crisp, Colorado mountain air.  Ok, fresh crisp airport air with a hit of jet fuel.  But it was still home.  I have a four-hour layover here and have seriously been blissfully wandering around the airport. Did a little shopping, got some souviners and presents.  And then had lunch.

Ok, so KNITTING!  I finished one sock yesterday while riding through South Dakota, and I managed to cast-on the second this morning at the Omaha airport.  I am still working on the toe but almost done with that. So yes, that is the extent of my knitting since Thursday when we last talked.  I think when I get home I will continue to work on that sock until I am finished and then finish the Ebbtide Shawl and Cabaret Sweater.  OOOh, Have I mentioned I love knitting?

Anyway, since I have been knitting in public at the airport, on the plane and around people who I don’t see that much (my wonderful family in South Dakota and Nebraska) I do get a lot of questions, but surprisingly, I don’t mind.  I am a Knitter, that is what I am and I am fine with that.  Knitting makes me happy and keeps me occupied.  Of course the main question I have been getting is “What are you working on”  To which I hold up my sock and happily reply, “a sock.”  Not to bad at all, in fact, usually breaks the ice for other conversations.

Well, my plane is about to board so I better make my way to my gate. I will talk to you all soon.


Nebraska Bound

So I am sitting at the bar in the OKC airport working.  Well, not really working, writing this blog.  It seems that everyone in here (all middle-aged business men) are on their computers so it really seems professional of me to enjoy my pre-flight beer and southwest   with my computer instead of my knitting or my Kindle.  Oh well, I can write you guys.  First of all can I just bitch that the OKC airport will give you 20 free minutes of wi-fi and then expect you to pay.  Not just pay $20 bucks or so or by the minute but sign up for a monthly service.  BS!  Anyway, this nice gentleman let me use his wi-fi card.  Hope he’s not hacking into my computer.  I’ve decided not to do any online shipping just incase.

Knitting for this trip is solely the Butterfly sock. I’ve put it down the last few days so I don’t get in a position of needing a new when I am flying. Honestly, toes and heels are something best left for my couch not for the airplane.  I did however take my extra ball of yarn just incase. Toes are easier than heels.

I must say however, I am a bit nervous about bringing these socks with me, last time I brought socks on a plane, at some point during my vacation, one of the needle tips broke off.  No more socks for the rest of my trip.  I was actually semi thinking of stopping at my LYS and getting a set of Addi’s however, I’m not sure how well medal needles and the TSA get along so I decided against it.  If the needle breaks, the needle breaks. Dang it.

In the meantime, the past 2 days, between Yoga, training for a 5K and laundry. I have been working on my Ebbtide shawl.  It is coming along beautifully!  It really is so pretty and it is really going to look gorgeous on.  And seriously, I wasn’t sure because I am not much of a blue person or for that colorway (Persia) that is in, but with the variations of the blues, turquoise and grays and browns, it  is simply gorgeous!  I am really excited to see the finished product.  I just finished the second feather and fan last night and should have it done soon.

Well, anyway, I think I am going to sit back and enjoy by beer.  Maybe not my egg rolls so much because they are a bit spicy and I can already see a trip to the newstand to get some Tums.

Talk to you all later.

P.S. If you want to see my other projects I am on Ravelry as Lexikate81.

Welcome to my world

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my world, my addiction.  First a bit about me, I have been knitting for about 12 years, I started in college, put it down for a tiny bit but quickly picked it back up and the needles have not yet left my hands. Along with that came my addiction to yarn.

That is what this blog is about, knitting, yarn and all things fiber, and maybe one or two other things just you know I’m not completely obsessed. Only slightly.

So why did I name this site Butterfly Knit? Well, I like butterflies, I have a fascination with them, they are just so pretty, I guess its kind of like my passion for knitting.

I just got back from CampKIP.  A fabulous knitting retreat in Missouri just outside St. Louis. I had so much fun and met so many great people who are as obsessed with knitting as I was.  It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one, and it so nice to be among them for a solid 4 days.  Did I also tell you I learned to spin? I even carded the fiber.  One of these day’s I will get a wheel but maybe when I get a bit more money.

While I was was there I brought 3 projects.  Now I am a monogamous knitter so this was a little difficult, I brought the Butterfly Socks (surprise) from Wendy D. Johnson’s book Socks from the Toe Up.  They are in being done in Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi in the colorway Strawberry.  They are knitting up fabulously and I love the colors in the yarn, beautiful transitions of neon green, neon pink and neon orange.  I have a few other skeins Mochi in other colorways because I was so attracted to their color.  I also brought with me the Ebbtide Shawl from Elizabeth Doherty, I am doing this with the “Knit Knit Cafe” podcast knit-along although I have to admit I haven’t been keeping up on the boards.  I am knitting the shawl in Malabrigo Sock yarn in the colorway Persia, gorgeous greens and blues and greys.  I am past my first feather and fan on the shawl and it is going to be so pretty when it is done.  I also brought with me the Cabaret Raglan sweater by Norah Gaughan as seen in The Best of Interweave Knits: Our Best Designs from the First Ten Years.  I am knitting this in MadelineTosh DK in the colorway Blackcurrant, a lush deep purple.  This sweater is mostly stockinette with was perfect in the evenings at camp when I had been imbibing in adult beverages.

As I mentioned I am a monogomus knitter so now that I am back from camp, I am really just working on the Butterfly Socks, I am almost done with the first one, and I would like to have the second one cast on by this Wednesday so I can be knitting on it on my flight to Nebraska to visit my cousin.  We shall see.  If not I have other projects I can bring, but since socks are small, they are perfect travel and airplane knitting.

Don’t worry, there will be pictures of all my knitting.

I usually knit every night but tonight I am slowly trying to deal with the fact that I may not be able to.  I am in desperate need of a manicure and a pedicure and a facial so my evening my be used up with that.  Hopefully I can do a few rows once my nails dry.  And of course I’m sure my cats will help me too.  My one cat Suki, loves to ask for loving right when I am knitting and my hands are busy elsewhere.  Of course I stop to love on her and scratch her head but then she sits right on my pattern or my yarn.  I just want to say “Sweetie, knitting makes me happy, just like tuna and naps make you happy, so please don’t sit on my yarn and I won’t sit on your tuna or your bed.”  Anyway, she is the princess and my cats are my babies so really, what can I do?

Oh my gosh, I have so much to say but I am going to leave it at that and bring you some more yarn and knitting stories next week.