Special Project Accomplished

Hello everyone!

Well, as I mentioned last time we talked I was working on a special project that I wasn’t ready to tell you about yet.  Well, the special project is now finished.

I think I have mentioned before that teach knitting at the library twice a month.  A few months ago, one of the libraries I teach at asked if I would be willing to do a knitting workshop for the holidays.  I was honored and agreed. As many of my students are beginners I decided to go with a wash cloth, something easy they could get started in the workshop and confidently finish in their own time. And a wash cloth is something they can keep for themselves or give away as a holiday gift. I had 6 students show up to my class, 3 had never knit before. The 3 beginners caught on beautifully and I’m excited to see how their washcloth is going.  The other 3 students are regulars in my class and were very helpful to the beginners.  That is what I love about knitting. I have never met a mean knitter or a knitter who was unwilling to help another knitter learn.  I have also seen 2 of the students i class and their progress and I am thrilled!  I love teaching. It makes me feel so good that I am helping other people learn and get excited about something I love.

Some examples of my wash cloths while they were blocking.
Some examples of my wash cloths while they were blocking.

Now that my special project is over and the holiday’s are quickly approaching. I am busily working on my holiday gift knitting. I won’t mention what I am working on  but I really do hope to get it done by Christmas this time.

I also wanted to show you something else this quite special. I forgot to tell you that when I was in Colorado I went the LYS there, Tangle on Main Street in Grand Junction, Colorado. They are a combo yarn store and fabric store and everyone is so nice.  I of course had to restrain myself but I couldn’t help purchasing a few skeins. One Skein, the bright pink is from Bludamsel Fiber Works and is handspun in the Grand Junction area.  I’m not sure if she has an Etsy store or not, but I am excited to turn this yarn into something fabulous. The green and grey skeins are from Luna Grey Fiber Arts, click for their Etsy shop and are hand dyed in Grand Junction. Again, so excited to knit these into something. They are each 400 yards fingering weight so that should be easy finding something perfect.

Colorado Yarn.
Colorado Yarn.

Also at the Wine festival there was a booth from Shooting Star Ranch Alpacas. An Alpaca ranch in Palisade, Colorado. I had to buy a few skeins.  (the white one in the picture) My aunt sent me a few skeins for Christmas one year and they are not my favorite mittens.

Ok, that is all for today.  Its supposed to snow so I am going to get a new cup of coffee and watch it come down.


And the livin’s easy…..

Hello Everyone!

Here it is the middle of summer, and I hope you are all enjoying it.  I am. Honestly, I have been spending my weekend in our pool.  A small inflatable pool we bought the just perfectly fits the two of us or me while I quietly read a book in the sunshine. Cant beat that.

There has been times that A/C has been wonderful and yes, knitting has gotten done in those times. Last weekend (4th of July weekend) The hubs and I went hiking in the Oklahoma panhandle. Yes, at the very tip of the panhandle on the borders of New Mexico and Colorado are some mountains, and intact Black Mesa, which is the highest point in Oklahoma.  It was a wonderful road trip, we stayed in New Mexico, explored, hiked and had a wonderful time.  On this long road trip to and fro, I did even get some knitting done.  I got 6 hexi-puffs done. I have over 100 now.  Here is just a sample of one of the hexi-puffs I finished.

I think in my last blog I mentioned I finished my Miami Beach Shawl.  It came out beautiful.  The pink is so perfect and vibrant.  It may be a few months before I wear it but I am excited.

Miami Beach Shawl

Right now I am working on the Tappen Zee Cardigan by Amy King.  Its a great short sleeve cardigan that buttons above the empire line and simple diamond lace design at the yoke. I just finished the lace portion and am on the second half of the cardigan now.  I am knitting it Mama Zooma Nanoo Handknits Handdyed yarn.  It is a DK weight 100% Superwash Merion Weight Wool and hand dyed in the colorway “Breaking Midnight”  It is a beautiful dark blue yarn with color variations of light blue. You can find the website for MamaZoom yarn here.  I bought the yarn a few years ago at CampKIP and have been waiting to use it. It is perfect for this sweater. There are color variations but just not to much to take away from the lace pattern.

I must say, I really like the Tappen Zee pattern in general but for as simple as the diamond lace pattern is, I sure was having a hard time with it.  I don’t know why, its a simple pattern, but man,if there was something good on tv and I was’t paying enough attention, I would have to start that row all over again. I had to do this several times.  It was so frustrating.  I have tackled much more complicated lace patterns and it was fine. This for some reason was difficult. I don’t get it. Oh well, I got through it. That is all that matters really.

Well everyone, enjoy the second half of your summer!  I will talk to all again soon.