Special Project Accomplished

Hello everyone!

Well, as I mentioned last time we talked I was working on a special project that I wasn’t ready to tell you about yet.  Well, the special project is now finished.

I think I have mentioned before that teach knitting at the library twice a month.  A few months ago, one of the libraries I teach at asked if I would be willing to do a knitting workshop for the holidays.  I was honored and agreed. As many of my students are beginners I decided to go with a wash cloth, something easy they could get started in the workshop and confidently finish in their own time. And a wash cloth is something they can keep for themselves or give away as a holiday gift. I had 6 students show up to my class, 3 had never knit before. The 3 beginners caught on beautifully and I’m excited to see how their washcloth is going.  The other 3 students are regulars in my class and were very helpful to the beginners.  That is what I love about knitting. I have never met a mean knitter or a knitter who was unwilling to help another knitter learn.  I have also seen 2 of the students i class and their progress and I am thrilled!  I love teaching. It makes me feel so good that I am helping other people learn and get excited about something I love.

Some examples of my wash cloths while they were blocking.
Some examples of my wash cloths while they were blocking.

Now that my special project is over and the holiday’s are quickly approaching. I am busily working on my holiday gift knitting. I won’t mention what I am working on  but I really do hope to get it done by Christmas this time.

I also wanted to show you something else this quite special. I forgot to tell you that when I was in Colorado I went the LYS there, Tangle on Main Street in Grand Junction, Colorado. They are a combo yarn store and fabric store and everyone is so nice.  I of course had to restrain myself but I couldn’t help purchasing a few skeins. One Skein, the bright pink is from Bludamsel Fiber Works and is handspun in the Grand Junction area.  I’m not sure if she has an Etsy store or not, but I am excited to turn this yarn into something fabulous. The green and grey skeins are from Luna Grey Fiber Arts, click for their Etsy shop and are hand dyed in Grand Junction. Again, so excited to knit these into something. They are each 400 yards fingering weight so that should be easy finding something perfect.

Colorado Yarn.
Colorado Yarn.

Also at the Wine festival there was a booth from Shooting Star Ranch Alpacas. An Alpaca ranch in Palisade, Colorado. I had to buy a few skeins.  (the white one in the picture) My aunt sent me a few skeins for Christmas one year and they are not my favorite mittens.

Ok, that is all for today.  Its supposed to snow so I am going to get a new cup of coffee and watch it come down.

Done and Done!

Hello everyone,

Really quick I wanted to post my finished projects for you.  First the Minty Bailey’s Irish Cream cardigan.  I finished it last night and sewed the buttons about an hour ago.   The buttons I also purchased at Maryland Sheep & Wool 2013.  The are hand-made porcelain buttons by Melissa Jean www.melissajean.net for more information, her buttons and patterns are beautiful and I think the buttons I got are perfect for my sweater.

Minty Bailey's Irish Cream Cardigan
Minty Bailey’s Irish Cream Cardigan

Second, I also finished the McMilne Shawl made from my Brooks Farm Yarn in Willow. It is gorgeous,  I can’t wait to wear it. It was also so easy and quick to knit.  I recommend it to anyone.

McMilne Shawl
McMilne Shawl

I also finished one of my Diamond Gansey socks and will start the other one soon.  As the weather is rapidly getting warmer, it may be awhile before I wear them, but you can never have too many hand knit socks.

Ok, that is all I have for today. I will talk to you all soon.  Happy Knitting.


Needles and Calves on Fire!

Hello everybody!  I am sitting on my couch with my feet up.  Why? I ran a race today.  A 5K, not just any 5K, the Oklahoma City Memorial 5K.  The Memorial race is known for its marathon, but lets not go there yet.  The race also, of course, is dubbed “A Run to Remember” because it is a memorial to the tragedy that struck our town in 1995 when the Federal Building was attacked.  It is important to remember to that tragedy and to pay respect to those who died that day.  I think I’m happy just running 3.1 miles for now.  After a rain delay, the race was awesome!  Yes, we had a lovely rain delay, welcome to Oklahoma in the spring.  We all (26 Thousand of us) took shelter during the thunder storm and when it passed, the race was on!  All and all, I think I did good. My time was much better than my last race time, and I hope to keep improving on it.  I have had a few hurdles training for this one with an injury of sorts, but I have kept running as much as I can.  Click for my awesome post race pic, there is a reason I left my head out. You did want to see my hair.

Ok, on to knitting!  Last night I finished the neck shaping and binded/bound off, what ever the proper word is my Bailey’s “Minty” Irish Cream cardigan. I am almost done.  At this point, I need to block it, sew up under the arms and make the button band and collar and sew the buttons on. It fits well though so I’m excited.

Yesterday, I went to to a local art gallery Artspace [Untitled], downtown and sat for a discussion and knitting circle with local artist Romy Owens.  Romy is also a knitter who just incorporated her knitting into her latest art pice “An Imagined Otherhood” click here for the website about the discussion and a link to her own website. Her knitted piece is the first picture on her website.  It was a great 2 hours and I met some wonderful know knitters and artists.  Romy herself is also wonderful and I hope our paths cross again.

At the discussion I began my next project, the McMilne Shawl, I am knitting it out of Brooks Farm Yarn, Willow.  I got this yarn a few years ago at my first fiber festival, the DFW Fiberfest in Grapevine, Texas when I first moved to Oklahoma.  Its a great quick knit, easy to memorize the pattern and it will be the perfect scarf, cowl or shawl depending on how I want to wear it.

Ok, my calves are on fire!  I am going give them some love and enjoy my evening.  I will talk to you all again soon!

Happy Knitting!